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Asp.Net Web Api Services in NopCommerce

This is a ready made plugin (with source code) in order to make you quick start building web api service in your nopcommerce app.

Creating Watermark to Protect Images in Asp.Net

Sometimes, there is requirement to protect our images that we have used in our website. There are many ways to protect images but one of the best is to use watermark. Now, watermark solution can be handled in many ways. It can be handled in client side as well as server side. First i will show you the client side solution then i will show the server side solution which we will do it in Asp.Net MVC.

NopRoot Extended Bootstrap 3 theme for nopCommerce

Just extend and enhanced the existing nopCommerce theme and is available for free download.

NopWarehouse Customer Counter Widget

NWCustomer Counter widget simple counts the online user from a particular timeperiod.

Overriding nopCommerce Default Localized Routes in a Plugin

I will show you can override default nopCommerce localized routes and implement your own functionality using your custom controllers and views

Custom Attribute Searching in NopCommerce 3.3 Part 1 - The Dirty Way

nopCommerce is Asp.Net MVC online shopping cart system and is open source available for everyone to download with source code or ready to deploy package. The reason that i am writing this article is, sometimes, it gets tricky to customize an open source project and especially if you are new to it.

Custom Attribute Searching in NopCommerce 3.3 Part 2 - The Dynamic Way

In my previous article, i showed you how you can do custom attribute searching nopCommerce 3.3. However, that was not the recommend and right way, in this article i will show you can make it and follow the dynamic way.